About Me

HI. I'm Lee Redinger, a guy who has struggled like you to get money so I can pay my bills and eat and all that. I've read and thought about this crazy world we live in, and, I've lived in it. I've talked to a good number of people about it, and found that everyone has a perspective from which they view the world. There are a few with a good vantage point who can see what is going on around them pretty well. They can see how one event causes or affects many others. They end up with a more accurate or at least a more useful understanding of the world than those without the vantage point.

Most don't have those advantages, and see the world through something more like a peep-hole. Whatever is in front of the peep-hole is what they can learn from and respond to. As a result they do things that the guy on the post thinks is crazy. If they could only know a bit more they would not make the same choices.