A good friend of mine told me this story a few years back.

Mr B. told me about about his visit with his friendly local small town banker, I mean rural small town.

B had as little to do with bankers as possible, but years ago he had taken a SBA loan to start up his little shop, a local service business catering to mainly small farmers. He worked long days and long weeks for 20 long years while paying that loan down and finally paying it off. He had customers who couldn't pay cash, so he bartered with them. He had customers who wouldn't pay without some encouragement, and made the rounds collecting whatever he could from those ones, too. And eventually he paid that nasty loan off and became a freer man.

It was shortly after the loan was done that B was at the bank making a deposit or something simple like that, when the banker man told him Mr. B had stolen his house. Something like, "You know you stole your house from me." Kind of blunt and out of the blue.

 Mr. B's house wasn't stolen. He had bought a bit of land in the country near his shop, dealing directly with the seller, and no banker was involved. He bought an old house a couple miles away when the owner wanted it gone so he could do something else with the land it occupied, and moved that house himself with help from family and friends. He set that old house on a basement that he and his brothers dug, and he and friends built with materials he paid cash for. He bartered for some masonry work and other skilled labor that he didn't have time to learn.

B never took any debt on his house other than the neighborly friends helping friends kind. So he's living in it with his family, and still remodeling as he can when the talk with the banker takes place.

Here's this banker dude is telling he he stole it! "What do you mean, I stole it from you, I never borrowed any money from you against that house. I paid..." and B told the banker how he paid for the house without borrowing.

The banker dude says "I know." as he stepped over to the window, waves his arm from horizon to horizon, indicating the homes, the farms, the businesses, the land out there, "But all those people are paying me rent. You are not. You stole that house."

It's something to think about, that talk with the banker.