Characteristics/Traits of Chaordic Organizations.

  • Are based on clarity of shared purpose and principles.
  • Are self-organizing and self-governing in whole and in part.
  • Exist primarily to enable their constituent parts.
  • Are powered from the periphery, unified from the core.
  • Are durable in purpose and principle, malleable in form and function.
  • Equitably distribute power, rights, responsibility and rewards.
  • Harmoniously combine cooperation and competition.
  • Learn, adapt and innovate in ever expanding cycles.
  • Are compatible with the human spirit and the biosphere.
  • Liberate and amplify ingenuity, initiative and judgement.
  • Are compatible with and foster diversity, complexity and change.
  • Constructively utilize and harmonize conflict and paradox.
  • Restrain and appropriately embed command and control methods.

I try to describe the "chaordic"-ness of the modern trade exchange system in this post: Chaotic Organization of Trade Exchanges.